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As a professional China Natamycin supplier, Jiangsu Zipin has been supplying Natamycin for many years. Natamycin is an effective preservatives widely used in many countries. Natamycin is a fungicide that prevents yeasts and moulds from appearing in foods. It is used in smaller quantities than potassium sorbate, and unlike other sorbates it prevents yeasts and moulds from migrating into the product, eliminating the cost of reapplication.

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Product Description

Jiangsu Zipin is a leading China Natamycin manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Natamycin is a natural antimycotic ingredient. Natamycin is produced by Streptomyces natalensis bacteria following a strictly controlled fermentation process. Natamycin not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeast, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. This effectively prevents toxin food poisoning. It is a safe and natural antimycotic product with broad and effective action.

Natamycin Specification

Physical form

white to cream yellow powder.





Residue on ignition




Total counts






Natamycin Applications

Natamycin is both safe and effective at preserving meat, dairy, bakery, beverage, wine, etc.

Natamycin Benefits

Effectively inhibit various molds and yeasts, and also formation of fungal toxins

No influence on the natural fermentation of yoghurt, cheese, raw ham, dry sausage, etc

Low solubility in water and in most organic solvents

Work well on the surfaces of food

Wide pH range: 3-9

Natamycin Details


500g/ bag, 10kg per carton



Keep under cool and dry condition, away from sunlight directly and avoid exposure to the air. Once opened, product should be used immediately or resealed.


24 months from manufacturing date in the original unopened package.

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