BindPro® is a professional China Food Enzymes manufacturer and China Food Enzymes suppliers. Our main Food Enzyme is Transglutaminase and other enzymes are coming soon.

Enzymes are obtained from a wide variety of sources, but principally by extraction from plants or animals or by fermentation from microorganisms, including genetically modified microorganisms.

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  • Jiangsu Zipin is a professional China Transglutaminase manufacturer and China Transglutaminase suppliers. We have been producing BindPro® Transglutaminase with high quality for many years. We have both powder TG and liquid TG. Our TG can be used in meat, seafood, dairy, vegan and bakery industries.

Enzymes made in China can be customized with cheap price from BindPro. Our factory is a professional Enzymes manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale and buy our discount products.
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