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As a professional China Curdlan supplier, Jiangsu Zipin has been supplying Curdlan for many years. Curdlan is a functional food additive widely used in many industries. Curdlan can form both thermal reversible and irreversible gel. It is widely used as gelling agent in meat, surimi based products, jelly and soy made products.

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Product Description

Jiangsu Zipin is a leading China Curdlan manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Curdlan is a polysaccharide produced by a microorganism, alcaligenesfaecalis var. myxogenes. Curdlan is a linear homopolymer of D-glucose with -1,3-glucosidic linkages. Curdlan is insoluble in water, alcohol, and most organic solvents. It does, however, dissolve in alkali solutions such as sodium hydroxide and tribasic sodiumphosphate.Heating an aqueous suspension of Curdlan above 80℃forms an irreversiblegel (high set). A second type of gel (low set), similar to agar-agar and K-carrageenan gels, is formed by heating to 60℃followed by cooling.

Curdlan Specification


White to off-white powder

Gel strength (g/cm2)

≥450-650 as per need

Loss on drying


Purity (calculated as Anhydrous glucose)

≥ 80%

pH (1% Aqueous Solution))

6.0- 7.5

Arsenic (ppm)

≤ 2

Pb (As Pb)

≤ 0.5


≤ 6.0

Total nitrogen

≤ 1.5%

Aerobic bacteria count

≤ 10000CFU/g

Coliform bacteria

≤ 3 MPN/g

Curdlan Applications

Curdlan is mainly used to produce jelly, meat products, surimi based products soy made products, etc..

Curdlan Details


20kg/ drum


Keep under cool and dry condition, away from sunlight directly and avoid exposure to the air. Once opened, product should be used immediately or resealed.


24 months from manufacturing date in the original unopened package

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